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It's Not Just Music : Car Bomb Driver Roars Back Into Action

posted Jun 21st 2011, 15:31

car_bomb_driver_blowing_up_saint_petersburg_tampa_310Review and Photos by Zachary Tomlinson

Let’s go way back: It’s 1993 and Joe Sonic is bringing his bass to Dave Reeder’s house. Joe taught himself guitar. Both of them start jamming on Ramones and Jesus and Mary Chain classics. Soon an ad is put in the trades. A singer and drummer are brought into the mix and things start coming together. When the singer flaked out, Reeder picked up the microphone. Now is when we would say that the rest is history, but it’s not.



John Ralston - Best Songwriter of 2011

posted Jun 15th 2011, 15:43

john_ralston_best_songwriter_2011_broward_new_times_310x176_310After a few years of relative quiet from the Lake Worth singer/songwriter, it's a relief to hear that John Ralston can still fill a single tenor note with vulnerability and hope, glee and introspection, or wisdom and bitterness. His latest album, Shadows of the Summertime, proves to be one of the finest alt-country/roots collections the area has ever heard, and above all, it's his relaxed vocal style — a tad like Tom Petty, a smidge of Jeff Tweedy, but mostly just uniquely Ralston — that makes it definitive. His recent recordings with Invisible Music show an equal amount of polish, so he might not only be the best vocalist but the hardest-working one as well. - Broward / Palm Beach New Times

Kites With Lights Soar To New Heights With Full Length Album "Cosmonauts"

posted Jun 7th 2011, 17:23


Release date: August 9th, 2011

FOR FANS OF: New Order, Cut Copy, Human League, Junior Boys.

Kites With Lights "Cosmonauts" combines dreamy melodies & dance floor ready beats creating thoughtful indie electro pop.