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How a Killer Blues Cover of "I Will Always Love You" Went Viral

posted Sep 9th 2013, 13:29

By: Jamie Sanchez / repost from - The Daily Rind / The Orchard

josh weathers i will always love you whitney houston cover

The power of a good viral video has become an important way to market indie artists and gain more fans (and with that, revenue).

Case in point: Josh Weathers, the Rock n’ Soul singer/songwriter from Texas, who according to a 2011 DFW.com feature story is ”the hardest working man in local music,”  has just experienced the power of YouTube after his 2011 live video was recently posted by The Huffington Post and online entertainment blog The Chive.

It started on August 13, when the humorous entertainment news blog The Chive shared the YouTube video of Josh Weathers performing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” with the headline “Guy Kills It with Blues Cover of “I Will Always Love You” on Stage in Dallas, TX.”

YouTube views for the video went from a couple of hundred, to over 100,000!

That’s when The Huffington Post took notice and decided to include Weathers’ cover in a feature story about Whitney Houston, who would have turned 50 this month. As part of the story, the HuffPost included two video tributes of indie artists performing two of Houston’s iconic songs. One of those videos was our guy performing his version of “I Will Always Love You,” which was recorded during a Josh Weathers Band performance at Kessler Theater in Dallas, Texas on July 23, 2011, as a tribute to his mother.

That’s when things really got interesting — or should we say, that’s when Josh Weathers went viral.

Today, a mere two weeks after The Chive and the Huffington Post featured Weathers’ video, the view counts have risen to over half a million and counting. With the popularity of the video reaching so many new fans, Josh’s record label, 24 Hour Service Station, released a recording of “I Will Always Love You” to digital music stores worldwide. And guess what? The single has been going through the roof, and sales of Weathers’ catalogue albums have also been rising up the Blues charts!

And that, my friends, along with some good, old-fashioned talent, is the power of a simple viral video.


Kites With Lights Release New Single - Holding Hearts

posted Aug 8th 2013, 17:07

Synth Pop / Nugaze artist Kites With Lights have released a new two track single full of love and positive vibes. Have a listen via Soundcloud, and throw the mate a couple bucks on iTunes. He will appreciate the love!



Tim Halperin releases "Dear Sophie" (lullaby for my baby niece)

posted Jul 15th 2013, 19:41

Our friend and partner Tim Halperin has put together someting special for his fans this summer. He's releasing a video for "Dear Sophio" that compiles baby photos sent in response to a Facebook post. Written and recorded live last year and finally receiving a proper studio treatment this summer, "Dear Sophie" bounces along, radiating happiness with a joyous love so pure. Here's the video, the live version and the FB post below:

Dear Sophie - Single - Tim Halperin




"Send me your baby pictures! I want to do a lyric video to my new song/lullaby for my niece Sophie to your pictures. What I'm looking for are pictures that capture the connection between a child and a parent/relative. The song centers around unconditional love for a child and has a lot of imagery of holding a child, so peaceful pictures of a mother rocking a child to sleep would work well also. Send your pictures to dearsophiepictures@gmail.com by Monday evening. Thanks! - Tim"

Tim Halperin Nabs Opening Gig For American Idol Kelly Clarkson

posted Feb 19th 2013, 20:46


24 Hour Distribution partner Tim Halperin adds another great performance to his storied career, and what could be his biggest opportunity so far. A finalist on American Idol himself, Halperin had this to say about his recent accomplishment: "AHHH!!!! I'M OPENING FOR KELLY CLARKSON MARCH 1 AT THE VERIZON THEATRE IN GRAND PRAIRIE!!!!!!

The show benefits a great cause, Opportunity Education: http://www.opportunityeducation.org

Halperin also recently released a stripped down acoustic piano ballad version of Passion Pit's "Take A Walk" which is available on iTunes.

Connect with Tim:
Website: http://www.timhalperin.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/timhalperinof...
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/timhalperin
Tumblr: http://timhalperin.tumblr.com

Tim Halperin Top Ten Holiday Album Puts iTunes Under That Christmas Spell

posted Nov 6th 2012, 14:11

tim_halperin_top_8_singer_songwriter_itunes_20121106_31024 Hour Distribution's partner Tim Halperin broke the iTunes Top Ten today and hit Number Eight on the Singer/Songwriter chart with his Holiday season release 'Under That Christmas Spell.' The CD can be ordered directly from Tim's site, or if you need something to bump your order up on Amazon for the free shipping, this record does the trick!




Josh Weathers Band - Big Night In The City Reaches Number 2 On iTunes Blues Chart

posted Nov 3rd 2012, 21:51

24 Hour Distribution partner Josh Weathers Band saw their third full length album Big Night In The City hit the number two position on iTunes Blues sales chart today. A well deserved achievement for the hardest working man in Fort Worth's music scene!

The third full length from Josh Weathers Band, Big Night In The City melds and updates the warm soulful sounds of Stax Records, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chicago & The Rolling Stones into a unique masterpiece without wearing the influences on its sleeve. With stellar songwriting, playing & production, sequenced perfectly for repeat play, this album gets better with every listen. An audio treat!

Buy Josh Weathers Band - Big Night In The City on iTunes

Josh Weathers Band


Tim Halperin Releases "Shining Like The Stars" Benefit Single For Kidd's Kids Walt Disney World Vacation

posted Oct 16th 2012, 11:07

24 Hour Service Station distribution partner Tim Halperin has recorded a brand new single for the Kidd's Kids Family Trip of 2012, with all iTunes proceeds going to the charity. Syndicated Texas radio personality Kidd Kraddick started Kidd's Kids as an organization to take terminally / chronically ill children and their families to Walt Disney World each year.

Buy it on iTunes (all proceeds go to Kidd's Kids)
More About Kidd's Kids: http://www.kiddskids.com


PLS PLS Release Party For EP EP - Free Show October 4th At Star Bar In Atlanta, GA

posted Oct 4th 2012, 10:04


PLS PLS storm the Star Bar in Atlanta, GA tonight for a free show to celebrate the release of their debut, EP EP on Tampa indie label 24 Hour Service Station, which features a bluesy David Bowie cum Mick Jagger inspired dude-ette featuring Elijah Jones of Southern Gothic stompers The Constellations.

PLS PLS (pronounced Please Please) conjure heady electronic-laced future rock anthems. Singer, songwriter & instrumentalist Dan Dixon’s self-produced debut, EP EP, spans musical styles from the 60’s Wall of Sound to 70's Rock to 80's Dance to Future Pop. The lulling hypnotic shuffle of "River Song" summons tribal ghosts downstream where they revive via the immigrant song of the wild “Here Come The Wolves.”

Four songs from PLS PLS are featured in Magnolia Pictures' horror sensation V/H/S, in theaters Friday October 5th and called by Rolling Stone "...the scariest, rawest horror movie of the year.”

Fritz von Runte's Redesigns Receives Worldwide Digital Release

posted Sep 3rd 2012, 20:03

redesignsfritzvonrunteweb_310Bowie2001, Lily Allen Remixed, The Beatles Hate...
Fritz von Runte has been producing remixes for more than a decade. Lately though, he's been focusing in a different kind of remix, de-constructing and reworking the tracks as he would have produced them. They are called Redesigns and this is their compilation.

From the Manchester supergroup Freebass to the very obscure Vicious Pink, Fritz manage to work with most of his favourite artists. New Order, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, 808 State and Renegade Soundwave are all on von Runte's personal collection as well as on this record.


Kites With Lights Gets Remix Treatment From LowHero.DLL

posted May 24th 2012, 01:07

Athens, Georgia electro dream pop artist Kites With Lights has received a hallucinogenic nocturnal reworking courtesy of Glim Records recording artist LowHero.DLL AKA Jonathan Chalker. In his words, Chalker took KWL's awesome upbeat version and re-imagined it as an emotional down-tempo composition. Hear the transformation for yourself at Bandcamp.

Brooklyn Rider - Seven Steps - NPR First Listen and WNYC Live Performance Clip

posted Feb 10th 2012, 19:07


First Listen: Brooklyn Rider, 'Seven Steps'

As a string quartet, the excellent Brooklyn Rider is all about the number four. But on their new album, Seven Steps (out Feb. 21), its members circle around the mysterious — and some might even say spiritual — power of the hebdomad. The Bible is full of sevens, from the story of creation in Genesis to Jesus' seven last words on the cross; Muslims make seven circumambulations around the holy Kaaba; Buddha is said to have walked seven steps at his birth; and (in no less Holy Writ for musicians) Beethoven composed his massive and mystical String Quartet in C-sharp minor, Op. 131, in seven movements.

Download the title track, “Seven Steps” from Brooklyn Rider's forthcoming album above and watch their 2010 Soundcheck performance.

Preview the entire album on NPR's First Listen

Pre-order the 24 Hour Service Station distributed album Seven Steps on iTunes


Toronto Examiner - Peter Hook The Light Featuring Rowetta 1102 2011 is a must have

posted Jan 27th 2012, 18:10

Toronto Examiner


The Light Featuring Rowetta – 1102/2011 is a 10-track EP highlighting four great Joy Division songs.  The repeat, yet vastly unique recordings of “Atmosphere”, “Pictures In My Mind”, “New Dawn Fades” and “Insight” are beautifully mastered and lush.  Rowetta’s jazz-singer style injects new life into these classics (be sure to check out the A Capella versions of “Atmosphere” that end off the disc), and is a grand yet not unwelcome departure from Ian Curtis’ dark and moody vocals.

For the Joy Division completist, The Light Featuring Rowetta – 1102/2011 is a must-have.

Get yours HERE

Peter Hook And The Light Featuring Rowetta Release Expanded CD Of '1102 | 2011 EP' Via Hacienda Records USA / 24 Service Station

posted Nov 18th 2011, 11:02


Following its digital release in May 2011, Peter Hook And The Light’s debut EP “1102 / 2011” is to receive a physical CD release with American indie label 24 Hour Service Station as an extended edition including instrumentals and two unreleased a capellas of Rowetta’s treatment of Atmosphere.

Order your copy HERE

Reissued with ten tracks across the CD, and in a jewel box sleeve which features James Chadderton’s highly acclaimed, visually stunning cover, the CD will be exclusive to the Coalition Of Music Stores (CIMS) in the US from Tues 22nd November with the international CD release coming on Monday 5th December, when the extended edition will also be added to iTunes and other digital sites.

The 1102 / 2011 EP its name from the palindromic recording date of 11th February 2011 at Blueprint Studio, Salford and features the four tracks from the EP, Rowetta’s versions of “Atmosphere”, “New Dawn Fades” and “Insight” while Peter Hook sings on “Pictures In My Mind”/

 “Pictures In My Mind” was an unfinished Joy Division track which was unearthed by the band’s “bootleg society” from a rehearsal tape stolen in 1977, setting it between Warsaw and Unknown Pleasures. The effervescent and punky tune has been completed for the first time by Hooky And The Light for the release.

Having performed with the band consistently since 2007 at events such as Versus Cancer, 1234 Festival, Vintage and The Factory gigs , The Light’s guest vocalist Rowetta performs three of the classic Joy Division tracks which she has been singing live with the band over the past year, “Insight, “New Dawn Fades” and “Atmosphere”, delivering intensely passionate performances across all three tracks.

Having received great reviews for her vocal performances from Joy Division fans, Factory aficionados and her own fan base, Hooky decided to record Rowetta’s unique renditions of these tracks, and she joined the band at Blueprint to lay down the vocals in February 2011.
Videos for both “Pictures In My Mind” and “Atmosphere” can be viewed on the Peter Hook And The Light YouTube channel, along with footage from other The Light concerts including vocal performances from Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction and electronica wunderkind Moby.

24 Hour Distribution Artist Tim Halperin Hits NUMBER ONE On iTunes Chart And Makes Top 15 Debut On Billboard Heatseakers

posted Oct 6th 2011, 20:48

tim_halperin_rise_and_fall_album_cover_310_310Former American Idol contestant Tim Halperin and 24 Hour Service Station distributed artist has shot to the number one position on the iTunes Singer / Songwriter chart. The album also reached the #14 position on Billboard's Heatseekers Album Chart only one week after the unsigned and independent Halperin debuted his album, Rise and Fall. The Billboard chart lists the week's top-selling albums by new or developing acts, defined as those who have never appeared on the top 100.

Tim Halperin began work on Rise and Fall in 2010 prior to making it into the Top 12 males on American Idol. Halperin has spent the past year in the studio finalizing the project with producer Jordan Critz, who has worked with The Fray, Third Eye Blind and Lifehouse. The first track from Rise and Fall, “All You Got,” was written for Kidd’s Kids – a nonprofit founded by nationally syndicated morning radio personality, Kidd Kraddick, which offers support to chronically and terminally ill children. Halperin is donating all proceeds from “All You Got” to the organization.

I’m overwhelmed by the incredible response to ‘Rise and Fall’ in only its first week of release,” Halperin said about his debut. “As an unsigned artist, I’ve invested a lot of myself in its formation and relied on the support of countless individuals to make it happen. The end result is a very honest expression of who I am and I’m glad it’s resonated with so many listeners.”

"Billboard were very excited and they were shocked to see an independent artist on the chart," Halperin says in an e-mail. "They called because they didn't have any info on me. Funny and awesome."

Click to Purchase on iTunes

Synth Pop In Flight: Highwire Daze Interviews Jonah Cordy of Kites With Lights

posted Aug 24th 2011, 16:51

By Ken Morton

kiteswithlights_jonahcordy_2_310Fans of indie synth electro-pop will surely wish to fly into the stratosphere with the musical reveries presented by Kites With Lights.  Mastermind Jonah Cordy has created tunes that are wondrously infectious, recalling the finest hours of acts such as New Order and OMDCosmonauts was recently sent into musical orbit courtesy of the fine folks at the 24 Hour Service Station label.  In addition to his own work, the inventive Cordy participated on a New Order tribute album entitled Ceremony performing his own unique rendition of Dream Attack.  Here is a recent interview with the pilot and creator of Kites With Lights.  The flight will now commence…


It's Not Just Music : Car Bomb Driver Roars Back Into Action

posted Jun 21st 2011, 15:31

car_bomb_driver_blowing_up_saint_petersburg_tampa_310Review and Photos by Zachary Tomlinson

Let’s go way back: It’s 1993 and Joe Sonic is bringing his bass to Dave Reeder’s house. Joe taught himself guitar. Both of them start jamming on Ramones and Jesus and Mary Chain classics. Soon an ad is put in the trades. A singer and drummer are brought into the mix and things start coming together. When the singer flaked out, Reeder picked up the microphone. Now is when we would say that the rest is history, but it’s not.



John Ralston - Best Songwriter of 2011

posted Jun 15th 2011, 15:43

john_ralston_best_songwriter_2011_broward_new_times_310x176_310After a few years of relative quiet from the Lake Worth singer/songwriter, it's a relief to hear that John Ralston can still fill a single tenor note with vulnerability and hope, glee and introspection, or wisdom and bitterness. His latest album, Shadows of the Summertime, proves to be one of the finest alt-country/roots collections the area has ever heard, and above all, it's his relaxed vocal style — a tad like Tom Petty, a smidge of Jeff Tweedy, but mostly just uniquely Ralston — that makes it definitive. His recent recordings with Invisible Music show an equal amount of polish, so he might not only be the best vocalist but the hardest-working one as well. - Broward / Palm Beach New Times

Kites With Lights Soar To New Heights With Full Length Album "Cosmonauts"

posted Jun 7th 2011, 17:23


Release date: August 9th, 2011

FOR FANS OF: New Order, Cut Copy, Human League, Junior Boys.

Kites With Lights "Cosmonauts" combines dreamy melodies & dance floor ready beats creating thoughtful indie electro pop.



BOWIE2001 - A 21st Century Dark Side Of Oz

posted Feb 11th 2011, 20:01

Fritz von Runte Redesigns David Bowie's A Space Oddity & Stanley Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey Into A Masterpiece Of Sound and Vision: BOWIE2001.

bowie2001_bowie_2001_bundle_310Bowie2001 is many things. It may even be what you are looking for...

As urban legend goes, if you sync a recording of Pink Floyd's masterpiece album Dark Side Of The Moon with the movie The Wizard Of Oz, all sorts of strange and wonderful coincidences fall into place. What Fritz von Runte has concocted with two differen source materials for ingredients is no accident, but a painstakingly produced mangnum opus of Sound and Vision in three parts. It is a compilation of brand new remixes of David Bowie songs. It is also a non-stop continuous mixpiece comprising those remixes and more of Bowie's finest moments. And, it is a movie. A re-imagined re-edited version of Stanley Kubrick's landmark film, 2001, synchronised to this mixpiece.


Jesus Christ Has Arrived - John Ralston's New Vinyl Single Out Now

posted Feb 4th 2011, 19:00

24 Hour Service Station is proud to release John Ralston's new single, "Jesus Christ b/w A Marigny Xmas". Nearly three full years since last we heard from him with 2008's White Spiders, he appears like a mirage with two alternate universe classics.

"Jesus Christ" may be the most daring A-side we have ever heard with it's drones, screeches, and clanging recalling the glory of the Velvet Underground. The B-side is an alarmingly gorgeous New Orleans heart breaker entitled "A Marigny Xmas". Both songs feature the downright spectacular rhythm section of bassist Dan Bonebrake and drummer Deric Dickens.

Available in a limited vinyl pressing of 300 copies - 150 on translucent red & 150 on opaque white, a demo of "A Marigny Christmas" comes bundled with the free digital download of the songs included with a mail order purchase. As an added bonus, if you wish, JR will even sign it for you. Grab one of each before they vanish for another 2222 years! ORDER HERE

Also available at iTunes, Emusic, Amazon mp3 and all other fine digital outlets.


Here's a great review from losingtoday.com